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President Xi Visits Poverty-stricken County in Central China

Chinese president Xi Jinping pays tribute at the martyr memorial in Jinzhai county, central China's Anhui province, during his trip to the revolutionary base on April 24, 2016. [Photo: Xinhua]

Chinese president Xi Jinping has visited a poor area in central China's Anhui province to discuss poverty alleviation with local officials and residents.

Jinzhai county was the location of a revolutionary base, and was home to around one hundred thousand Red Army soldiers during the world war two. President Xi paid tribute at the martyr memorial, during his trip.

It's estimated 80-thousand people are still living in poverty in the area, accounting for over ten percent of the total population.

President Xi stressed medical insurance was top of the agenda for poverty alleviation.

"It's not unusual for disease and physical disability to pull a whole family into poverty. Our mechanism must cover all aspects to avoid any means that could trap people in poverty. We must put more money into the new rural cooperative medical care system."

The president also highlighted the importance of education in less developed areas.

Local villagers told the President that they are dedicated to getting rid of poverty through solar power generation projects, tea planting, livestock breeding and relocation.

Xi promised that the government would always remember the contribution made by old revolutionary base areas in wartime, and would spare no effort to achieve the goal of building an all-round well-off society by 2020.


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