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About Off-Grid Power

Off-grid power systems bring you the full convenience of grid-power without the need for power lines and without the never-ending electrical bills and un certain reliability. Off-grid power systems offer you the ultimate degree of independence. We have been designing and installing off-grid power systems for almost two decades and pride ourselves on providing state of the art solutions that are tried-and-true and that maximize your investment and will deliver the greatest reliability.

Independent Power Systems designs and installs off-grid electrical power systems that utilize state-of-the-art equipment for cabins, full-time homes and lodge settings. Our systems employ components and methods with which we have many years of experience. We have two decades of experience designing and installing off-grid power systems. We are experts in solar, wind, generators, batteries, and inverters – all the possible ingredients of an off-the-grid power system.

Our design philosophy is simple – to provide the most sensible and reliable power system and to use local resources as much as possible.

Each of our designs takes into account: budget, location, renewable energy content desired and load criticality. We offer modular, packaged systems and custom built systems. All our systems are built for turnkey and ‘plug and play’ operation.



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