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PV grid system

  • 3kW Grid Connected PV systems
3kW Grid Connected PV systems

3kW Grid Connected PV systems

  • Product description: 3kW Grid Connected PV systems

3kWp Grid Tie Solar System – fully installed

The 3kWp grid connected system can produce between 3,900 – 4,500kWh of energy per year depending on your location. If you are an average energy user this system may half your energy bill, maybe more if you are a low energy user.

This system includes highly efficient Tier 1 solar PV panels, an Austrian made inverter with built in WiFi monitoring, a roof mounting system with engineer’s certification, the balance of components required for installation and labour to install the system.

  • 12 x 250watt DAQO PV solar modules (19.56m2)
  • 3kW Fronius inverter
  • WiFi monitoring
  • Flat mounting frame
  • Installation
  • Expected annual generation 3,900 – 4,500kWh

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