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  • Solar Garden Lights
Solar Garden Lights

Solar Garden Lights

  • Product description: Solar Garden Lights
High Power LED Solar Garden Light (CE&ROHS Approved)

We can produce:
1.> Single lamp solar street/garden light
2.> Double lamps solar street/garden light
3.> Multi lamps solar street/garden light

-Specifications of solar garden light:

1.High power LED:7~35w
2.solar panel: a-grade high efficiency monocrystal or polycrystal solar panel
3.battery: rechargeable deep cycle sealed gel battery
5.long life:>70,000hs
6.working time:8-12hs each day and can last for 3-5rainy days
8.price:we guarantee you the competitive price with good products
9.design: more tan 300 kind of design for you to choose from. OEM & ODM service.

-So pls inform us your bidding requests or inquiry details to us.We promise to give you the best price and quality.

1>what’s the power of your required LED light?
2>what’s your required height of the pole?

3>What's your required lighting time each day?How many rainy days?

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