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AC solar power system

  • 1.2KW Home Solar Power System
1.2KW Home Solar Power System

1.2KW Home Solar Power System

  • Product description: Professional designs for home and business uses. Store power in battery, system can be used when public utility grid stops. Cost effective and sustainable system Only use clear and sustainable sun

3HZ-H1200W solar home system is specially designed to satisfy with the electricity needs of small houses,
as to produce and power some basic house loads,like lamp, fan, TV, radio etc., which brings you with
a perfect turnkey solution by exploiting energy in a maximum, and meanwhile, save your electricity bill,
average daily electricity output could reach to 3.0~6.0kwh.

Uninterrupted PV Power System is an all-in-one machine which includes solar inverter, solar battery, charge controller, battery cabinet and solar modules. The system can be applied to areas without grid-power network, villas, remote villages, island, no power supply areas and backup power for general families. Pure sine wave AC output 110V/220V/230V, 50Hz/60Hz.

Product Features:

>> All-in-one high integrated off-grid solar system
>> Pure sine wave output
>> Battery power indicate
>> Digital indication for PV charging & load power
>> Automatic switch between PV generation and utility power
>> PV power generation always preferred
>> High-efficiency, easy-installation and reliable performance
>> Economic and environment-friendly

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